Jeffrey L. Fannin Ph.D. in Psychology

Dr. Fannin owns Thought Genius LLC, a research center focusing on the improvement of cognitive function, ideal brain performance, and emotional mastery.

Using brain imaging technology, Dr. Fannin has accurately observed and measured brainwave activity. He has coauthored many peer reviewed scientific articles and papers on several subjects including Psych-K®. NeuroConnections, a peer reviewed journal, published the article in their Fall 2011 Issue. 



Here is a more detailed look at the science behind belief change and Psych-K®:

Epigenetics and the Biology of Belief

My collision with Psych-k put me on a course that has not only changed me internally by using it, but is now the compass that will guide my specialty for studying, researching, and teaching for the rest of my days on this planet. 

                                                               -Jeffrey L. Fannin Ph.D., Executive Director, Center for Cognitive Enhancement